Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Video Game Speed Run

Well I decided to jump on the speed run bandwagon and going to speed run a classic from my child hood.  The game Jill of The Jungle.

I pretty much have the game down and I have the recording software to record my time for each levels.
Stay tune for the actual speed run

2nd attempt at a successful fortress

Well after my first fortress fell to Goblins I'm going to make a few new changes to my fortress
  • No female warriors: I learned this the hard way.  Simply put the Female Dwarfs will not put their babies down to fight so they thing babies make a better shield.  Which if the baby dies this will cause the dwarf to go in to a tantrum which could lead to a Tantrum Spiral.
  • Build More Traps: I needed to build better traps. Three cage traps stopped individual goblins but never were effective against more than one.
  • Train and better equip my army: My soldiers wore only copper armor and weapons need better equipment.
If I can do that I should have a better chance of surviving
Also i will post anything interesting that happens in the fortress

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Welcome to my blog.

This is my first post just to welcome you to the blog.

Future plans:

  • Start Dwarf Fortress LP?
  • Maybe do some other LP's
  • Some Reviews